This World is Damaged.
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Yes I'm KaiAbelinda on Tumblr. Its my personal Tumblr Account. :3 and this is my Sims 3 & 2 Blog for things and download.

HERE! Enjoy My Blog!!

Also please enjoy my stories Damaged Goods & Lonely Nights, The Mint Legacy.

Damaged Goods: [Hiatus]

A Places of Affairs: [Cancelled]

Lonely Nights: [Ongoing]

Mint Legacy [Hiatus]

I do tagged my NSFW post:#NSFW & #Sims nsfw and also I tagged my non sims post underneath Saviorhide. So you'd been warn

What you guys think of Augustus?

  1. damagedsims reblogged this from damagedsims and added:
    I’m so happy how he came out, mmm that perfect bastard. I might be nice to put him up for download. But I don’t want...
  2. yavannah answered: Let me put this way, I can’t keep my eyes of him. He is hot. :D
  3. lyrea answered: He is cute.