This World is Damaged.
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Tationy and Tadayoshi

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Kisses and some goofing around. :)

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I’ve been working on this monster mansion for several months now. I still have all the landscaping for the rear grounds to finish but I’ve finished the main floor of the first wing at least. 

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they went out to the park again and i sent her to fish while emory was chatting up some random firefighter lady and next thing i know she’s on the ground god paris get it together

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"What the hell she got on?"

"Why are you always talking about people?"

Whatever, You were thinking the same thing Sean, don’t play.”

"Hn, You’re right."

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oh god this is the worst preview photo ever i have no idea how to do this

An anon wanted me to upload Leonardo, so here he is! My only request is that if you’re using him, tag me. I believe that the EPs/SPs you’ll need (mainly for his other outfits) are Late Night, Showtime, Master Suite, Diesel, Island Paradise and Seasons.


Skin (my default but I’ll put it here anyway)|Hair(version a)|Shirt|Shoes

And that’s about it really, enjoy!


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